High bay warehouses in silo construction – from Kocher, of course.

Kocher’s “Syko Silo” has an unmistakable appearance. The high bay warehouse system is based on screwed profiles. This means we can offer you flexible solutions for transport, erection and subsequent conversion work. The reason: no single project is quite like any other. Perforations which are precise to the last millimetre enable a huge range of design possibilities. Our profiles are fully galvanised to guarantee long service lives. Some warehouses in operation today have firmly stood the test of time for 35 years or longer.

Our closed square tube supports, in particular, robustly withstand the application of even the strongest forces. Like no other profile they reconcile building efficiency with tough structural requirements. Tolerances must be able to take the strain, whether a building is in an earthquake zone or on the coast.


Double-depth racks with two instead of four supports.

Horizontal shelves are not fixed directly to the supports but are suspended on horizontal profiles. The benefits: there is nothing in the way of the sprinklers in the middle of the double rack, fewer sprinkler heads and much lower water storage requirements. The façade can also be erected directly on our exterior rack stabilizers, saving additional cladding columns.


Short turnaround times, certified quality.

Our experienced erection teams offer top performance when it comes to rapid erection. We are consequently able to make substantial reductions in the overall turnaround time of your project.

We apply numerous quality directives to ensure that we meet all standard norms during production and erection work.

The production process is certified to:
ISO TS 16949, ISO 9001:2000, Ü marking, B certificates, TQM Label, ISO 14001