Your high-bay warehouse silo “Made by Kocher”.

We are the partners for you, no matter what it is you want to store securely and economically. Kocher has been offering custom-tailored all-round solutions with roof and wall coatings for a huge array of different storage requirements for over 45 years. “Made by Kocher” stands for quality, reliability and specialisation on the construction of silos. The Syko Silo is probably the best known of all types of high-bay warehouse silo.

Palette warehouses, for forklifting

The palette warehouse is the most commonly built form of high rack silo. Material is stored on pallets which are moved using an automated storage/retrieval (S/R) system.

These warehouses can be built to a number of different designs:

  • Single or up to fourdeep storage
  • as 1, 2, 3 or 4 slot system
  • with depth support
  • with third horizontal shelf

Just some of our references Full list of references available on request

SkodaSkoda Auto a.s. Mlada
Boleslav, Czech Republic

Warehoused goods: Automotive components
Dimension: L 110 × W 52 x H 40 m
Positions: 21,252 pallets
Weight: 1,200 kg / pallet

Roche-DiagnosticsRoche Diagnostics GmbH

Warehoused goods: Medicines
Dimension: L 68 × W 18 x H 40 m
Positions: 13,200 pallets
Weight: 800 kg / pallet

HassiaHassia Mineralquellen
GmbH & Co. KG, Bad Vilbel

Warehoused goods: Drinks
Dimension: L 86 × W 53 x H 26 m
Positions: 20,500 pallets
Weight: 900 kg / pallet