The façade is the face every high bay warehouse presents to the outside world. Whether waffle panel walls or sandwich panels – we work with name suppliers who have built up their reputations over many years. This means we can guarantee you the very highest standards of quality combined with a large degree of design freedom. Advantage: We take on the often highly complex interface between the racking construction and the façade. We tailor components to requirements – to create a persuasive overall project.



The roof construction must be able to withstand years of exposure to weather of all kinds. We offer appropriate special flat roof weatherproofing solutions which ensure your warehouse functions smoothly.



Climate change is associated with increasingly heavy rainfall and poses completely new challenges for drainage. We offer all the standard drainage systems for main and emergency drainage and ensure that our buildings are optimally customised to local conditions.


Smoke and heat vents

The smoke and heat vent system is tailored to comply with fire safety codes. We would be glad to take on the task of determining or adjusting to stipulated norms – including expert approval on request.


Lightning protection

The task is to prevent thermal, mechanical or electrical impacts which could damage the building or people inside the building.

We produce lightning protection systems which comply with VDE regulations.